Friday, December 6, 2013

Breaking up is hard to do

For the next few days we're going to be speaking about human relationships. We'll speak about family, friendship and, yes, romantic liaisons.

A romantic relationship can be a marvelous thing but, let's face it, some of them will end up in a break-up. These situations are always hard but they are part of life, part of growing up and finding the right person to share your life with. As the saying goes, "you have to kiss a few frogs, to find a prince/princess".

So, we should probably try to keep drama as much in control as possible and take break-ups, if and when they come, with a little bit of humor.

This is what we can learn from the song "Carol Brown", by "Flight of the Conchords".

What are the worst ways to end a relationship? Is there a "good" way to do it? Can you be friends with an ex? Did you like this song and the video?

Leave below your comments on romance, relationships, split-ups, lasting love and the meaning of the universe. 

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Volcano eruption in Fitor

Dear citizens of Palafrugell, first of all I’d apologise for not had worn you about the catastrophe that was coming. We didn’t know that this thing could happen here, there was no notice that there was volcanic activity in all around the area of the Gavarres Mountains.
Now I’m going to explain you how everything happened:
It started in a place nearby Fitor. Suddenly, from the ground came out loads of lava. That was the beginning of the volcano. The lava started to fall down from Fitor to Mont-Ras and Palafrugell. While the lava was falling down then mountain, the animals came down to Palafrugell escaping from their death. When they arrived, they destroyed restaurants, shops and more things. Then the lava arrived to Palafrugell and destroyed a lot of houses while people were sleeping there. Finally the lava stopped in Llafranc with the help of the sea.

The consequences were terrible, more than 5000 people died. Palafrugell, Mont-Ras and Llafranc are completely destroyed. The military forces and the firefighters are cleaning the affected zone. We will propose a mourning week dedicated to all the victims.

Carles Alabert
Rúben Gutiérrez
Àlex Rocas

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Story, we've all been there.

In a village of Australia, there was a young pregnant women who went to a restaurant to work as a waitress. She asked the boss if she could work more hours to earn money, but the boss didn't want because being pregnant is a thing that all the women can do and it isn't important.

Meanwhile, the old woman was in a desert on Australia. Her new Mercedes car had aa problem with one wheel. Next, a young man who was driving near there helped the old woman to change the wheel, but the old woman didn't pay him because he didn't want the money. Afterwards she stopped in a restaurant because se has hungry. The young womand waited her tablle and she told about her problems. Then the young woman left and when she came back she saw a big tip on the table that contained a lot of money. In the front of the letter said "We've all been there".

Finally, the young woman finished work and came to her house and his husband was the man who had repaired the wheel of the old woman.

1r C-Batxillerat 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Giving is the best communication

Do you remember the short movie we watched, "We've all been there"?

Here's another movie on the theme of "What goes around comes around".

I bit sappy ... but nice, anyway! Definitely, I feelgood piece.

I'm looking forward to reading your comments below.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Making the most of our online resources

Here are some online resources that will help you to learn English. 
  • Start by going to Moodle, find the course English 1st Batx, log in and enter the password. Ask the teacher for the password for your group.   
Go to "News Forum" and open the first entry. You'll find the following instructions: 
  •  Go to / “Student’s zone”/ Click on Download digital books.
  •  Click on Contrast 1 Workbook Student Version – CatalanInstall it in your computer. Use the code that the teacher will give you to activate the book. 
  • Open the workbook and do pages 10-11, 20-21 i 30-31.
  •  Go to /Student’s Zone/Bachillerato/My coursebook
  •  Click on Advanced Contrast 1/ Bachillerato 1 Activities.
  •  Install and do at least 2 grammar, 1 reading and 1 listening activity
  •  Visit the following websites, that you will find in the post Practice your English in our blog.
 Write a comment with your opinion on two of these websites, plus another one of the websites mentioned in the post. Your comment will be consider for one, two or three extra credits.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Preparing for the test - term 1

Next week you'll take the vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing tests corresponding to units 1 to 3. Here are three documents that can help you prepare for the grammar and vocabulary parts

This term we have studied verb tenses: past, present and future. Here are some simple explanations, in Spanish; with examples.

Follow the links if you want to practice the grammar or the vocabulary corresponding to these three units. If you do the exercises and want to check your answers, email me and I'll share them with you.

REMEMBER: On the day of the test, bring the book "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole".  


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A strange dream

It happened last Friday, at midnight. It was a beautyfull April night. I was alone in my home watching a horror film. I was scared.
Saddenly I heard a noise from the second floor. I decided to go up the stairs to see what was happening. When I was there I heard the noise again but louder. I asked if there was someone. No one answered but the lights turned off. I was very worried. Was there a strange in the house?
I heard some steps behind me. I started to run, someone caught me and stabled me. The murderer played with my death body.
I woke up in my bed, I was confused and I discovered that it was the 31th October, Hallowen's night.
And now I'm here in the psychologist talking to you.

Tania Castro
Diana Aguilera
Patrycja Baranowska
Alex Guitart

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Horror Story Writing Contest

In the days before Halloween our students of 1st Batxillerat have been writing short horror stories. They worked on groups of three or four people. They analyzed the elements, structure and language involved in writing a really spooky story. You'll find their stories in this blog, under the label "horror".

Click on the label writing contest. Read the stories.

Then go to the poll on the right column and vote for that excellent story that scared the heck out of you!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


On 16th July there was a terrible tsunami in Llafranc, Costa Brava. The highest wave that we know was of twelve meters, more or less.
The tsunami started when all the people were in the beach. When they saw the big wave, they started to run away, some of them decided to go to Saint Sebastian's lighthouse. A lot of trees fell down and many houses were completely destroyed.

Nowadays, we know that there were one hundred fifty victims and two hundred sixty injured people.


Yesterday, in Plaça Nova (Palafrugell) the mayor did a speech to the people from Palafrugell, where he told them that the houses and restaurants destroyed, will be built again in six or eight months.
The mayor explained that the sports centre is habilitated for all the injured people with medical and psychological attention.
Finally, tomorrow it's going to be a concentration of people in this place at 18.00 pm in memory of the victims.

Aida Blanco and Mar Moncosí

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A snow storm in Palafrugell

Last Wednesday at 8:36 pm, a terrible snow storm started in Palafrugell. At first it seemed that it was only a little snow storm but then, it started to become heavier and heavier. The conquences were awful.

As a result of the snow, the town is without light and gas, so nobody can cook, have a shower or other ordinary things. There isn't heating in the houses, so people can't heat and are very cold in their own houses. It is impossible to drive through the streets because the snow have been accumulate on the road and don't let cars pass. The fall of different trees has caused some accidents, three citizens have been hurt but without serious injuries.

We are trying to solve those problems that happened cause of this terrible snowstorm. We called many bulldozers from all of Spain and they are doing a great job. The electric team is also working hard to repair our electric towers. We hope that in two or three days we will can move out, we will have heating and also we will have gas in our houses. Everything is under control and everybody is working hard to solve those problems. Don't worry about anything

Belén Ruiz
Imane Sfanji
Maria Pérez
1r C

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


A lot of people died yesterday because of he Tsunami that hit Llafranc. The people drowned because the wave was 50 m high. The Tsunami had arrived 5 km in the city. 6 helicopters came to take the people who had died and they had to identifity who the people were, to be able to call their families. They found people alive but they were hit and they had to be taken to Trueta hospital. Today they have started to build the houses that were destroyed yesterday.

We called 6 helicopters and they took the people who died. Then we sent an expert group to identificy. Who the people who died were, in order to be able to call their families. Today we have started to built the houses that were destroyed. We have rebuilt the roads too. Some people from Palafrugell are helping us planting trees and plants in Llafranc.

Andreea Petronela Balasca
Carmen Rodríguez Toledo
1r C Batx

Where is Margaret’s mom?

One night of 2003, it was raining a little bit and in the sky there was full moon. Margaret, a child was nine years old. She was living with her mom in a big house. It was far from the town and near it there was a forest.

This night the girl was sleeping in her bed. Suddenly she heard a strong noise and the girl woke up. She was scared so she decided to go with her mom. A lightning illuminated her room, Margaret started to run until her mom’s bedroom. But when she opened the door she realise that her mom wasn't in the bed. Margaret was so frightened that she decided down the stairs to find her mom but any body was there. She heard another noise but in this case the noise was in the garage. She didn’t know what to do.

Finally she decided to catch the mobile phone. Margaret called her mother to tell her what had happened and the noise in the garage. But when she was calling her mother the sound of the mobile phone was coming from the garage. She thought that her mother was in the garage. When she was so quiet, Margaret went there. But when she opened the door, she saw the floor, there was her mother. But her mother didn’t say anything because she was dead. Margaret was more scared so she decided to go for help. Because she didn’t know who had done this. While she was running around the house, she saw a man on the stairs whit a knife in his hands.

The killer began to pursue her, luckily the girl escaped from the house and she went to the forest. When the sun came, Margaret was in the nearest town. There the girl went to the police and she explained everything. The police went to Margaret’s house, but when they arrived in the house there wasn't any trace about the killer. And Margaret’s mom wasn’t in the house.
Ester Ribera
Anna Pareras
Jad Ternes
Joel Morell

Monday, November 4, 2013

Zombie apocalypse in Palafrugell

Because of the plague the people of Palafrugell have started to convert into zombies. There is still some people who are not zombies and they are fighting to survive.
There's no electric power because the zombies have destructed the electric towers, and all of the buildings are burning.

The mayor has gone to a fort placed in Fitor. There he trying to survive and he has sent this message:
“ People of Palafrugell we are closed in a fort in Fitor. Here we have a lot of provisions and medicines to survive for a long time. The fort is opened to all types of survivors. The help of the other countries is coming, we can only survive a few more hours. If you want to come, try to bring some provisions. We can only survive if we work together."

Enric Artús
Marc Lozano


Once upon a time it was a rainy and windy winter night. A man was sleeping in his house, at the top of a hill in front of a cemetery.
He woke up and went to inspect the house, because he heard a noise. It was very gloomy, so he was very scared. The atmosphere was full of joy. He went to the bathroom because the light was on. He came in and looked at the mirror. He was nervous and uneasy. He didn't understand anything.
While he was washing his face he saw a shadow, he started running and tried to scape, but the door was locked. He shouted:
-Help! Help! Help!
But anybody answered him.
In the middle of the darkness, a strange creature with large fingers and a slimy feel touched his shoulder. He turned around and immediately an ax cut his neck. The floor was full of blood an a laugh was heard in the night.
The criminal was not found and he is still out there.

Melanie Duran
Marc Collado
Sergi Casellas
Angela Díaz         1r Batxillerat B

Sunday, November 3, 2013


It was a normal Thursday evening in IES Frederic Martí Carreras and it was a rainy and stormy day. All our teachers were in the high school correcting exams while they were waiting that the rain stopped. All of us were at home doing homework because outside it was really cold... It was a strange day.

When the clock struck eight, the art teacher saw a strange man entering the high school. He couldn't see his face but he saw that the man was wearing black clothes. The man started running to the teacher's room. The art teacher followed him and a few minutes later the biology teacher found the art teacher dead in the teacher's room.

Before the biology teacher could warn someone, the door closed and the man appeared next to her with the knife full of blood and he said to her: "it's your time" and he killed her with the knife. During this night the killer killed all the other teachers.

The next day all the students, including us, arrived to the school very excited because it was Friday. Our happiness didn't last long. When we saw all the teachers dead  we felt paralised and we didn't know what to do. The police arrived quickly and we went home. It had been the most impressive day of our lifes.


Júlia, Fernando, Salma and Rita

Black Day

It happened last Sunday at 2 am. when I was walking in the hospital.I saw a girl without arms, walking across the corridor and  a doctor behind her with a chain saw.
I got shocked and I fell off my chair. I started to run the exit, but it was closed. I jumped through the window.
When I got outside, I realised nothing was normal. I saw a zombie's apocalypse. They were eating other people and I think that I had never heard so many screams.
I was horribly scared and suddenly I heard a voice saying: "The cut is good! See you tomorrow". It was a film.

Nora Escribano, Andreu Domínguez, Irene De Las Heras, Albert Ferrer (1rB)

Thursday, October 31, 2013


It was a normal day in Frederic Martí Carreras school. Four students were finishing a History project. When the bell rang they had to stay one hour more to finish the work.

They were excited because they could finish the project, but this happiness wouldn't last. All the doors of the school were closed and they couldn't go out from there. It wasn't the only problem because the lights turned off. They felt very scared and nervous.

Suddenly, Ramon, the janitor, appeared in the little window of the door and he started laughing with a belly laugh. They started to run away and one of the boys went to a classroom alone. He couldn't imagine what would happen later... The janitor broke the door and saw the young boy under a table. He took the boy and started to run.

Nowadays we don't know what exactly happened in this school, but we can tell you that we found blood in the room of the misterious janitor. And the group of boys dissapeared since then.
There's a thing that you have to know... Every Sunday, at midnight, we hear extranges voices in this school.

Soumaya Akchich
Aida Blanco
Kevin Garcia
Jordi Benitez

1r A Batx.

Plane crash in Mont-ras

Yesterday, a plane crashed near Palafrugell, exactly in a village called Mont-ras. The accident was terrible and a lot of
people died. The firefighters tried to save their lives but it was impossible. More than a hundred people died, twenty-two are in the hospital with fatal injuries and ten people are lost. The police are investigating the reasons of the accident but they think that the pilot got asleep.

The mayor did an interview and he said:

"We have been investigating the zone and the victims through the CSI team.
We have been cleaning the rubbish of the crash and we found bodies under it.
Also, we have been telling what happened to the families of the victims and expressing our condolences and we have been planning the reconstrucion of the Mont-ras church.
We are trying to improve the security of the planes.

I'm with you in these terrible moments and I hope that an accident like this will not happen again."

Laura Lara
Andreu Rodríguez
1r Batx. C

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Why be afraid If you are dead?

Last year, my neighbours went to a rural house on holiday. One day, at 1:00 AM, a storm started. They were  whatching TV safely. They didn't know what was going to happen.

A man outside the house started to shout with a very frigtening voice, and the little child of the family found an old newspaper which had a photo of a very dangerous murder that was living in these house in the past. They started to be afraid and the two children were crying. The noise around the house were incresing, all were confuse, until a hand, a very terryfing hand could be seen through the window.

The hand appeared of the dark night. The heard of each member of the family went every second faster. And the five senses were in alert. And finally the man entered in the house with a knife in every hand and other in his mouth, and his face, were absoluty ugly and his body were very dirty. And then he said: Don't run, don't escape, don't be afraid!! Because you are going to die!!". Firstly the murder killed the fahter with a knife and with his body, he put it in a top of the tallest tree of the wood that were around the house, while this was happenning, the mother and two children went up to the upstairs, and tried to call the police, but the murder, cut the electricity and the telephone line, thing that leaves the other part of the family without of comunication.
Later the murder went up too, and kill the mother in front of the two children, and pulled some blood on the heard of the two children, the phanorama was very very horrible, what could happen now?
The murder cut the neck of the oldest child, and then he threw his head and his body through the window. A autentic bloodbath, but this wasn't the end, with the younger child, the murder carried up to his house, and there, murder dismember the poor child, and with every part of the child, he sended to each familiar a peace of him. A very traumatic thing for their.

After all of this like it was a rural house, and after the police cames, the murder clened taking care of every detail. And he put everything in order like how it was after. The house was still his house but he lived in an other for not arouse souspicion, and then he put his house rental, waiting for an other inocent family, that could fell down on his hands.

1rC Batxillerat

Isaac Blaya
Marc Labrada 
Laura Lara


A dark night of winter, probably the darkest night of the year 1878 and there were very foggy, me and my friend were alone at home and we decided to go for a walk. We were walking near the cemetery when we saw a shadow. Also we heard as if someone were walking behind us and then we heard somebody shouted. We were very frightened. Clara, my friend, said that she wanted to go home but I didn't want to go home, I wanted to find out what was happening there.
After this, we heard another voice who said: I will kill you if you don't stop to move! We followed the voices and suddenly we found in the middle of the cemetery. We saw a horrible ghost, we supposed that he had been tortured and he died of this way because he had a terrible aspect.
He turned back and he started to following us. We distracted the ghost and we managed to save the girl. Luckily, we could arrive at home but still now, at night we heard the ghost who try to enter into the house and kill us. To stay there, it was the worst decision of my life.

Aleix Gispert
Guillem Casellas
Hicham El Hamdouni
Mireia Deulofeu
1r A

The clown

Peter was walking on the street. He was a doctor and he was returning from the cemetery after his mother had been buried. It was dark and it was raining a little. He was tired and sad. 

Suddenly, he heard something and he thought that someone was following him. He turned back but there was nobody. He got nervous and he started to run to his house. 

He arrived home and he started closing all the doors and windows. When he was closing the last window someone knocked the door. He went to the entry and opened the door, but there wasn’t anybody. He looked for someone but he didn’t find anything because of the darkness. He was terrified. He turned on the TV to relax himself and suddenly he heard a machine noise outside the house. Peter saw something strange through the window that wasn't closed, a kitchen window. He went there and he saw a clown whit a chain saw in the garden. He shouted as never before, he didn’t believe what he was seeing. He closed the window and he ran to his bathroom, the only room in the house which hadn’t got access outside. He wanted to call to the police, but he realized that there wasn’t signal so he stayed there praying for himself. Suddenly, he heard the noise so much near, really really near. The clown had managed to go into the house and then, he was in front of the bathroom. He started to destroy the bathroom’s door. Peter was shocked and he didn’t know what to do. When the clown was almost inside the bathroom, Peter had an idea. He broke the mirror to use it as a knife to defend himself. The clown went into the bathroom and saw Peter with a ridiculous glass in the hand. He started to laugh and he got closer and closer to him… 

Peter opened his eyes. It had just been a dream! He couldn’t believe it. He went downstairs and he could see his mother in the kitchen preparing some toasts. He was really excited and happy. He hugged and kissed his mum a lot and then he went to the garden. There, he sat on the ground under the sun. He was completely relaxed but… what was that saw noise?



Andreu Rodriguez
Marta Vadillo
Belén Ruiz
Laura Ristol
1r C.

The Revenge

I was walking home that night, when I finished work. Suddenly, my phone rang, I couldn't hear what they tried to say, but I heard someone laughing around me. I though it was a joke.

I looked around but I didn't see anyone. I started to get scared. I though for a moment and then I kept walking straight to my house. When I arrived I found the windows opened and it was strange because I never leave them like that.

I went to the garden to see my dog but I didn't find him, he was dead. I got so scared that I ran to my bedroom, and there I found my ex-girlfriend looking wildly for something. When she turned back and saw me, she tried to kill me with her knife, but I could stop her and ask her to leave my house. 

She didn't want to leave, so I tried to ask for help calling my neighbour, but the phone didn't work. I tried to find someone, I got distracted and she could run away. I'm sure that she will be looking for revenge.

Watch out! She is crazy and dangerous and now she is looking for you.

Alexandra Requejo
Amina Khyat
Lidia Pizarro
Maria Novo

1r Batx B


It was a stormy night. I was very bored so I decided to watch an horror movie. I prepared my popcorn, I turned off the lights and I started watching the movie.
While I was watching it, I heard a strange noise. I thought it was coming from the TV so I carried on watching the movie. But the noise sounded again, and again, and again... I was really scared! I decided to go out and see what was happening.
I went out to the garden and I saw a silhouette. I was terrified. I didn't know what to do. I thought that it wouldn't be important so I went closer to it. When I was just next to it, I could see that it was a zombie. His face was completely deformed! I started shouting and lots of zombies appeared from everywhere. I didn't know what to do so I started running to the kitchen to catch a knife. I got the knife in my hand for killing all the zombies but the situation didn't go as I wanted.
In the kitchen behind me I saw a huge shadow. I was very scared. The zombies wanted to kill me. "Ring. Ring. Ring!!" I woke up thinking about a terrifying dream.

Maria Plaja
Marta Matés
Iulia Petrisor
Imane Sfanji

1C Batx


It happened on 28th of Ocober. It was midnight. Tom was walking home when the storm started. He was alone in the dark when the lights went out and one woman started shouting.He listened to the shout so he went there. He was very scared.

He saw a shadow and he was shocked. Next to the shadow there was a dead person. Then the shadow dissapeared, Tom turned backwards because he listened to a noise. He turned backwards again and there was, the dead person in font of him.
He started running to his home. When he arrived home he saw the dead man eating his wife's brain, while he was escaping he didn't realise that he was crossing the road. 

A mysterious car with no driver crashed him. He died. We were in the accident. We saw everything. We didn't know what to do, so we phoned the police station but nobody answered. We were afraid, so we decided go home. At home there was nobody so we stay together until our parents come. Two hours passed and nobody came. It was very late so we decided to sleep but when we arrived at our rooms there was the dead person who wanted to kill us. We went down the stairs as fast as we could go. The dead person had us trapped but in one second my father's keys were heard and he dissapeared. 

When we saw our parents we explained the horrible story but they didn't believe it.
Now we are thinking about that and we know it was true.

Marina Altadill
Sergi Arasil
Myriam Cuenca
1r Batx, C

The last class

The last class

It was Halloween day, a rainy day. The students were in Frederic Martí Carreras doing an English class. Around 10 o'clock a teacher come in. His name was Fernando, he was a different teacher. It was a strange situacion. Where was Adolfo? All the students wondered that. 
Nobody had seen this teacher before. He was pale and very serious. Someone said that they had seen him in an old photo. Also, Fernando, was wearing strange clothes. The students were scared. Fernando stared at them, and student's blood froze.
Suudenly, the lights turned off and the teacher disappeared. All students were terrified and confused. 10 minutes later, Adolfo, the English teacher, entered in class and apologised for being late. Maria, one student, explained to Adolfo all the strange things that had happened. Adolfo, told them that Fernando was dead. He was an old teacher and died one year ago in a car crash.
The next days, the students investigated more about Fernando, and they discovered his tragical death; one day, he was driving back home and suddenly a student crossed the street and Fernando lost the control of his car. He crashed with a tree and he died. His face was completely distroyed. And now, every Halloween he appears at school searching for an innocent student to kill and revenge. 


It happened last week at 3:00 a.m while we were cycling on the mountains. It started to rain so my brother and I went to a house to protect ourselves from the rain. We entered the house and suddenly we heard a noise behind us. At first, we were scared and terrified.

We go up the stairs and we saw a big shadow. It was and old man and he asked "There's anyone here?". Noone answered it but we could see his eyes watching us.When we decided to go outside we could see the old man next to the swiming pool with a chainsan. We react immediately and we decided to push him to the swiming pool and we have done it, next we throw and electric product in the water and it began electrified and died. We could see that the man was a zombie!!. We have been very schoked. We started to ran very fast and then, we saw his wife with a big gun watching us. While my brother was distracting her, I took an axe that was near there and I cut her head, but my brother had been injured with a shoot on his arm, the wife was a zombie too!!. 

Afterwards, beside us we saw all around us lots of zombies. Fortunately we could escape at the right time. We took our bycicles that there were in the entrance of the house and we went down through the mountain. When we arrived home, we were very tired and scaried at the same time. We told to our parents what had happened but they didn't trust us. Next morning we went to the police office and we tell all that happened. They said us that they would revise the house. In the afternoon they phoned us and they said that we were right and there were lots of zombies but they had killed all of them. Now we will stay safety and we won't go to the house for all the live.