Monday, September 30, 2013

Where the Hell am I?

I'm in an island located in the Pacific Ocean. This is near Australia, but the culture is very, very different.

I've been there only once, but I really think that it's one of the most impressive places in the world.

When I'm there I can visit many extraordinary and exotic places such as local markets, hinduist and budist temples, white sandy beaches, or the famous Monkey Forest!

I must recommend you to ask a BamiGoreng in any restaurant or foodplace, apart of being cheap, it's very tasty!

Of course you mustn't forget to go to any of their religious dances. They are spectacular!!!

Are you going to guess where the Hell am I? Can you know what's the name of the picture's place? Good luck!

Jan Atienza, 1r Batx. C

Where the Hell am I?

This city is lockated in the south-west of netherland. And is the bigest center of goods interchance of europe and the second of the world.

This city is the second bigest of the country, and the place is fantastic, the activity at night It's incredibe and the things that you can do are very large. If you would like  explore the city you can shopping and visit all of the monuments, and of course if you want, the place where were bombarding in the second wold at war. In the restaurants, the food is deliciouusss!!! And I love specialy the honey biscuits. But If you prefer go out  to be with the nature you can sail around all of canals that there are and visit the mills which for my are very interesting.

I recomaned all of you to visit this city, and the las track is that there are the famous dams.

Isaac Blaya, 1r C Batxillerat

Where the Hell am I?

The place I'll talk about is situated in the north-west of Italy. It's a very visited place and everybody goes there because of a special monument.

The monument that I'm talking about is not too big, it's only 55 meters high but it has a special thing that no other monument has. It was built by a lot of persons and it took more than 100 years to can be finished. It is white.

I've been there and it's so interesting to visit it because you can go up the monument and you can see all the monuments that are arround.

Andreea Petronela Balasca, 1r Batxillerat C

Where the Hell am I?

The place it's located near the coast of Àfrica. It's Àfrica's bigests island and a very famous destination for tourists and also for us.

The place is and island, it has got lots of places to visit, with beautiful palms and long white sandy beaches. It's known because a name of a films its called the namo of the island. It has got lots of exotic animals such as insects, colorful birds and rare frogs with lots of colors, also it has got a variety of exotic and tropical plants and trees like the baobab.

This island it's covered in rocky mountains in one part and in the other part it's covered by dense jungles and forests. Tourist enjoy this place because they can see chamaleons and lemurs near them. The food it's quite good, they eat tropical fruit and exotic food.

I'ts one of my favourite destinations I've been and I recomend us to go!!. As you can see in the photo there's a beautiful scenery.

JORDI COLL 1r Batxillerat C

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Where the Hell am I talking about?

I'm talking about a place which is called *****.

It's located in a bay which is in the Pacific coast of an island that is called Honshu. It's one of the most populated cities in the world and it's the capital of this country. It also has a lot of diferent special wards, like Akihabara, Shinjuku or Shibuya.

This place is well known for its architecture, like the ***** tower (that has a height of 332m), the Sky Tree, the Rainbow bridge, the artificial island of Odaiba, the Imperial Palace or the Narita and Haneda airports.

During the WWII, this place was completely bombed and destroyed, but now a days it's one of the best cities in the world (at least for me).

Now think about where I'm talking about. If you still don't know that place, i'm giving you the last hint: this city was selected to host the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Where am I talking about?

Where the hell am I?

This place is located on Catalonia, and it's an important city of this region. On this city there is an ancient cathedral. If you want to go to this cathedral you have to raise a lot of stairs. The inside of the cathedral is very depressive, too dark, with some candles and colourful windows. A big river pass   through the city, and there is a promenade next to the river, where you can go for a walk, do exercise or see the views. This city has a lot of visitors on spring, when this city has a special event called "Temps de flors", where the city comes too colourful and beautiful with a lot of flowers.
Dani Plata, 1r Batx A

Missing U

I loses U
I looks for U everywhere
Finally I and U meet
The story is complete.

Watch this beautiful video and read the poem

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Where the hell am I?

This place is located in the southest coast of Europe, in the Mediterrean Sea. It's one of the most beautiful places that I've ever seen.

This place is best known for the famous pasta that they cook, and because there are a lot of people who are thieves. There are really wonderful medieval and renaissance buildings like the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore.

Personally, I loved to visit this place, I passed a good time there and I met very interesting people.

Arnau Policarp, 1rA

Where the hell am I?

This place is located on the Africa. It is an island famous and it has a name that was used in one animated film. It is the bigger island from africa and quarter bigger from world. Your official lenguages are the french and malagasy. There are many species of animals in this place. It has a beautiful beaches and jungles. is a place where there aren't many buildings. The climate is hot.
This place i like very much and would like travel there because is a peaceful place and  where there isn't much technology, cars...

Kevin Pila
1r Batx A

Where the hell am I?

This place is located on the est-north of Catalonia, in the Alt Empordà. It's one of the most beautiful places in the Costa Brava.
It's open to the mediterranean sea. The houses are white, and the floor is made of stones.
There is also a famous rock that is called ''Escucurucuc''. There are a lot of beaches, without sand, there are only stones, but there are magnificient.
During the summer a lot of tourists visit this fabulous town, and many people from outside go there to spend the summer.

Where the Hell is Marta?

The place where I am is located on the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I'ts one of the places I want to visit some day because there're beautiful sandy beaches.

It's wellknown for tourist that come during all the summer. Another popular attraction is that local people practise surf because of the big waves.

So you shouldn't miss visiting it, there're amazing sightseeing.

Where the hell am I?

This place is located in the south of France, it's near to Spain and it's the capital of the "Languedoc - Rousillon région".
In this city plays one football team that plays in "League 1". There are lots of clothes shops, one theatre, an enormous library, a tram, there is the "Saint Pierre Cathedral" and also there's a famous aqueduct, "l'Aqueduct de Saint Climent". In 2006, there were living 251.634 people. This city has got a fantastic medicine university.
This place is visited by millions of tourists every year. I went there in 2010 with the school and I loved the place.

Rubén Gutiérrez López.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Where the hell Am I?

This place is in the northwest of Africa. It's one of the most popular cities of Morocco, and one of my favourite cities ever. 

This city is best known for his traditional biggest market of the country, and also because it has one of the most crowded squares in the world. In this square you can find musicians, acrobats, snake charmers, henna painters, and obviously outdoor restaurants which prepare traditional and delicious food like coscous or tajin. Other things that make this city famous are his red buildings and his peculiar residents. This city it's also popular on the cinema; a lot of films have been filmed there.

This city is visited by millions of touristes every year, and some of them always repeat the experience. It's a different city where you can have a llittle break and at the same time learn new things. 

Amina Khyat
1r BAT B

Where the hell is Maria José?

This place is located on the western part of the United States.

It's the place of my dreams. This place is very beautiful and in summer a lot of tourists go there. Also because it's a place where there is a lot of party, and tourists like it. In this place, there are many fashion shops and a lot of people are hipster (that means wear original and cool clothes, have an Iphone, go to shops of very good quality, etc).

 This city, is the fourth most popular in California. Also, in this city there are the most beautiful natural parks in the world. I hope that one day I will go to visit this city. I love it, specially at night. It's incredible!! 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Where the Hell Am I?

This place is located in France. The place is a big city of France. It's most popular in Europe. There is a famous monument.

This city is large and it has a lot of big houses and hotels. It has got a nice sceneries. The streets are wide and long. This place has got a big gold monument, the Eiffel Tower.

The Eiffel Tower is very big. It's does many meters of large. There are more buildings but the tower is the most popular.

The city is visited by milions of tourist every year. It will visit a lot of by people of all ages.

Maria Pérez Sánchez
1C Batx.

Where am I?


This place is located next to coast of Africa, in the Atlantic ocean. It's a big island and a lot of spanish people go here on holiday.

The island has got a black beaches and clear sea. It's ideal to practice surf, because there are waves. Another activity is visiting the natural park, there's a beautiful vegetation, including big long palms. The place has got something that makes it unique, a big volcano. The volcano is the most important thing, because it's the third volcano in the world from his base.

The island is visited by millions of tourist every year and for good reason. It has got spectacular landscape.

Joel Morell, 1rBATX C

Where the Hell Am I?

The place is an island located in Mediterranium sea and it belongs to spanish archipelago located just off the north west coast of Africa, west of the border Morocco and the western Sahara.
Is a big island where you can ride camels.
This island have a lot of volcanos and there is a famous volcano that it expels the steam and cold stones.
If you can get up to the volcano, you have to take the bus or car.
Also, in there you can see the beautiful beaches and the some hotels with a pools and waterfalls.
The tipical plate in there is ''Mojo Picon''.

Marta Vadillo 


It's a big city located in the USA. It's famous for its impressive buildings and the big statue that you can appreciate it before you enter. You can go there by plane or by boat. There are eight hours less than here.
This place is always crowded, and it's also known by the name of "the city that never sleeps". Some years ago there was a terrible airplane accident.
I've never visited this amazing city, but one day I will. If you are searching for something, I'm sure that you'll find it there. 

(If I put the clear picture it'll be very obvious, you have to read the text, lazy)

With love,
        Anna Sàez


The place i'm going to descrive is located in the UK. It's such a pretty place.

It is famous for its green landscapes and its beautiful and magical old cities. It's also famous for its plenty of beautiful lakes.A legend tells that in one of these lakes lives a monster called Nessie.
A lot of people spend there their holidays visiting castles and enjoying the wonderful landscapes.

Maria Plaja, 1rBATX C


This place is located in the boot of the world, in Europe next to the Mediterranean sea. It's an interesting popular city with a lot of things to see.

It is known as "The eternal city". It's popular for its history and its old monuments that you can visit if you want. The city have a nice river with a big stone bridge, from there you can see a castle. There are a lot of ruins and practically the city is made with stone. You can do touristic routes through the ancient streets, go shopping, visit one of the most important museum in the world  and also you can throw coins into a beautiful important fountain. The typical food is pasta and pizza. The people are so dirty but they are very friendly too.

I think it's a good choice for holidays and you can learn many things there.

Belén Ruiz
1r Batx.C

Monday, September 23, 2013


In that place it is very cold during all the year, it is very big. People always eat salmon. It is a typical eat dish. People catch the salmon in the big lake. In this place there are a lot of girls with blond hair and the colour of their skin is very white and boys too. In the province there are a lot of interesting things for example the Royal Palace, the viking ship museum, markets, traditional dances... 

This city is a nice place to visit, I would like to go.

Carmen Rodríguez, 1rC Batx.


It's a big famous city in Europe and it always has lots of visitors.

It's located in an island in Northern Europe. The official language is English. The people is are very polite there. A typical food is "fish and chips" or "muffins". There are lots of famous monuments, museums, parks, and its typical telephone booths or the taxis. The city is divided in neighbourhoods and districts. In each one, there are a lot of things to see. You can visit big markets, bridges, famous churches and the most famous monument, a big clock (it has many pieces of golden) next to the Houses of the Parliament. Its name is Big Ben. You can move around the city by bus, subway, taxi, car or bike.

This city is the cleanest I've ever been, a lovely and beautiful city and I want to return soon.

Marta Matés, 1rC BATX

Where the hell am I?

Are you green with envy at Matt and his trips all over the world?


Create a new post, not a comment, in the blog. Add the label "where"

Write a short text telling us about a trip, real or imagined, to another city, a foreign country or a natural space. Do not tell us the name of the place, but give us indications such as names of cities or activities (I was in Paris, I visited the Coliseum). Include a photo, if possible.

You also need to read the work of, at least, three of your classmates and guess where they have been.

Here's mine.

This place is located on the western coast of Europe, on the Atlantic Sea. It's one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen.

It's open to the ocean so there are big waves and strong currents. Close to the beach there's a very famous lighthouse. This place is also known because it's one of the westernmost points in Europe. Most people arrive here by car, but many, many people arrive here walking .

This place, and especially this beach, are one of the most impressive places I've ever been to. It reminds you that you're very small and the sea is very big. Helps to put things in perspective!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Where the Hell is Matt?

This is a real story. One day Matt decided to quit his job in Brisbane, Australia, and start travelling and dancing around the world. Watch this video and try to remember a few of the places where Matt has been and dancing.

Matt has visited some amazing places. Read about him in his website

Now write a comment. You can comment on what Matt says in his website, explain what you read about him in the Internet, express your opinion about Matt's project, say if you'd like to do something similar and why or why not. You can also speak about the power of music and dancing to bring people together, about happiness, following your dreams or finding people to pay for your trips!

Write anything between a sentence and one paragraph. All your comments will be considered for extra credit.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Geo Gessing

If you want to see the world without moving from your home, try some of these games. 



You can also download Where am I? It's an app for smartphones. 

You may want to read this article on "Gaming Google Maps with Street View Games".

Have a great time!

You are welcome to add your comments below. All your coments will be considered for extra credit for your mark in English.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Getting to know you

I'd like to know a little bit about you and your interests.

Please answer this questionnaire.

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Practice your English with these sites

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