Thursday, October 31, 2013


It was a normal day in Frederic Martí Carreras school. Four students were finishing a History project. When the bell rang they had to stay one hour more to finish the work.

They were excited because they could finish the project, but this happiness wouldn't last. All the doors of the school were closed and they couldn't go out from there. It wasn't the only problem because the lights turned off. They felt very scared and nervous.

Suddenly, Ramon, the janitor, appeared in the little window of the door and he started laughing with a belly laugh. They started to run away and one of the boys went to a classroom alone. He couldn't imagine what would happen later... The janitor broke the door and saw the young boy under a table. He took the boy and started to run.

Nowadays we don't know what exactly happened in this school, but we can tell you that we found blood in the room of the misterious janitor. And the group of boys dissapeared since then.
There's a thing that you have to know... Every Sunday, at midnight, we hear extranges voices in this school.

Soumaya Akchich
Aida Blanco
Kevin Garcia
Jordi Benitez

1r A Batx.

Plane crash in Mont-ras

Yesterday, a plane crashed near Palafrugell, exactly in a village called Mont-ras. The accident was terrible and a lot of
people died. The firefighters tried to save their lives but it was impossible. More than a hundred people died, twenty-two are in the hospital with fatal injuries and ten people are lost. The police are investigating the reasons of the accident but they think that the pilot got asleep.

The mayor did an interview and he said:

"We have been investigating the zone and the victims through the CSI team.
We have been cleaning the rubbish of the crash and we found bodies under it.
Also, we have been telling what happened to the families of the victims and expressing our condolences and we have been planning the reconstrucion of the Mont-ras church.
We are trying to improve the security of the planes.

I'm with you in these terrible moments and I hope that an accident like this will not happen again."

Laura Lara
Andreu Rodríguez
1r Batx. C

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Why be afraid If you are dead?

Last year, my neighbours went to a rural house on holiday. One day, at 1:00 AM, a storm started. They were  whatching TV safely. They didn't know what was going to happen.

A man outside the house started to shout with a very frigtening voice, and the little child of the family found an old newspaper which had a photo of a very dangerous murder that was living in these house in the past. They started to be afraid and the two children were crying. The noise around the house were incresing, all were confuse, until a hand, a very terryfing hand could be seen through the window.

The hand appeared of the dark night. The heard of each member of the family went every second faster. And the five senses were in alert. And finally the man entered in the house with a knife in every hand and other in his mouth, and his face, were absoluty ugly and his body were very dirty. And then he said: Don't run, don't escape, don't be afraid!! Because you are going to die!!". Firstly the murder killed the fahter with a knife and with his body, he put it in a top of the tallest tree of the wood that were around the house, while this was happenning, the mother and two children went up to the upstairs, and tried to call the police, but the murder, cut the electricity and the telephone line, thing that leaves the other part of the family without of comunication.
Later the murder went up too, and kill the mother in front of the two children, and pulled some blood on the heard of the two children, the phanorama was very very horrible, what could happen now?
The murder cut the neck of the oldest child, and then he threw his head and his body through the window. A autentic bloodbath, but this wasn't the end, with the younger child, the murder carried up to his house, and there, murder dismember the poor child, and with every part of the child, he sended to each familiar a peace of him. A very traumatic thing for their.

After all of this like it was a rural house, and after the police cames, the murder clened taking care of every detail. And he put everything in order like how it was after. The house was still his house but he lived in an other for not arouse souspicion, and then he put his house rental, waiting for an other inocent family, that could fell down on his hands.

1rC Batxillerat

Isaac Blaya
Marc Labrada 
Laura Lara


A dark night of winter, probably the darkest night of the year 1878 and there were very foggy, me and my friend were alone at home and we decided to go for a walk. We were walking near the cemetery when we saw a shadow. Also we heard as if someone were walking behind us and then we heard somebody shouted. We were very frightened. Clara, my friend, said that she wanted to go home but I didn't want to go home, I wanted to find out what was happening there.
After this, we heard another voice who said: I will kill you if you don't stop to move! We followed the voices and suddenly we found in the middle of the cemetery. We saw a horrible ghost, we supposed that he had been tortured and he died of this way because he had a terrible aspect.
He turned back and he started to following us. We distracted the ghost and we managed to save the girl. Luckily, we could arrive at home but still now, at night we heard the ghost who try to enter into the house and kill us. To stay there, it was the worst decision of my life.

Aleix Gispert
Guillem Casellas
Hicham El Hamdouni
Mireia Deulofeu
1r A

The clown

Peter was walking on the street. He was a doctor and he was returning from the cemetery after his mother had been buried. It was dark and it was raining a little. He was tired and sad. 

Suddenly, he heard something and he thought that someone was following him. He turned back but there was nobody. He got nervous and he started to run to his house. 

He arrived home and he started closing all the doors and windows. When he was closing the last window someone knocked the door. He went to the entry and opened the door, but there wasn’t anybody. He looked for someone but he didn’t find anything because of the darkness. He was terrified. He turned on the TV to relax himself and suddenly he heard a machine noise outside the house. Peter saw something strange through the window that wasn't closed, a kitchen window. He went there and he saw a clown whit a chain saw in the garden. He shouted as never before, he didn’t believe what he was seeing. He closed the window and he ran to his bathroom, the only room in the house which hadn’t got access outside. He wanted to call to the police, but he realized that there wasn’t signal so he stayed there praying for himself. Suddenly, he heard the noise so much near, really really near. The clown had managed to go into the house and then, he was in front of the bathroom. He started to destroy the bathroom’s door. Peter was shocked and he didn’t know what to do. When the clown was almost inside the bathroom, Peter had an idea. He broke the mirror to use it as a knife to defend himself. The clown went into the bathroom and saw Peter with a ridiculous glass in the hand. He started to laugh and he got closer and closer to him… 

Peter opened his eyes. It had just been a dream! He couldn’t believe it. He went downstairs and he could see his mother in the kitchen preparing some toasts. He was really excited and happy. He hugged and kissed his mum a lot and then he went to the garden. There, he sat on the ground under the sun. He was completely relaxed but… what was that saw noise?



Andreu Rodriguez
Marta Vadillo
Belén Ruiz
Laura Ristol
1r C.

The Revenge

I was walking home that night, when I finished work. Suddenly, my phone rang, I couldn't hear what they tried to say, but I heard someone laughing around me. I though it was a joke.

I looked around but I didn't see anyone. I started to get scared. I though for a moment and then I kept walking straight to my house. When I arrived I found the windows opened and it was strange because I never leave them like that.

I went to the garden to see my dog but I didn't find him, he was dead. I got so scared that I ran to my bedroom, and there I found my ex-girlfriend looking wildly for something. When she turned back and saw me, she tried to kill me with her knife, but I could stop her and ask her to leave my house. 

She didn't want to leave, so I tried to ask for help calling my neighbour, but the phone didn't work. I tried to find someone, I got distracted and she could run away. I'm sure that she will be looking for revenge.

Watch out! She is crazy and dangerous and now she is looking for you.

Alexandra Requejo
Amina Khyat
Lidia Pizarro
Maria Novo

1r Batx B


It was a stormy night. I was very bored so I decided to watch an horror movie. I prepared my popcorn, I turned off the lights and I started watching the movie.
While I was watching it, I heard a strange noise. I thought it was coming from the TV so I carried on watching the movie. But the noise sounded again, and again, and again... I was really scared! I decided to go out and see what was happening.
I went out to the garden and I saw a silhouette. I was terrified. I didn't know what to do. I thought that it wouldn't be important so I went closer to it. When I was just next to it, I could see that it was a zombie. His face was completely deformed! I started shouting and lots of zombies appeared from everywhere. I didn't know what to do so I started running to the kitchen to catch a knife. I got the knife in my hand for killing all the zombies but the situation didn't go as I wanted.
In the kitchen behind me I saw a huge shadow. I was very scared. The zombies wanted to kill me. "Ring. Ring. Ring!!" I woke up thinking about a terrifying dream.

Maria Plaja
Marta Matés
Iulia Petrisor
Imane Sfanji

1C Batx


It happened on 28th of Ocober. It was midnight. Tom was walking home when the storm started. He was alone in the dark when the lights went out and one woman started shouting.He listened to the shout so he went there. He was very scared.

He saw a shadow and he was shocked. Next to the shadow there was a dead person. Then the shadow dissapeared, Tom turned backwards because he listened to a noise. He turned backwards again and there was, the dead person in font of him.
He started running to his home. When he arrived home he saw the dead man eating his wife's brain, while he was escaping he didn't realise that he was crossing the road. 

A mysterious car with no driver crashed him. He died. We were in the accident. We saw everything. We didn't know what to do, so we phoned the police station but nobody answered. We were afraid, so we decided go home. At home there was nobody so we stay together until our parents come. Two hours passed and nobody came. It was very late so we decided to sleep but when we arrived at our rooms there was the dead person who wanted to kill us. We went down the stairs as fast as we could go. The dead person had us trapped but in one second my father's keys were heard and he dissapeared. 

When we saw our parents we explained the horrible story but they didn't believe it.
Now we are thinking about that and we know it was true.

Marina Altadill
Sergi Arasil
Myriam Cuenca
1r Batx, C

The last class

The last class

It was Halloween day, a rainy day. The students were in Frederic Martí Carreras doing an English class. Around 10 o'clock a teacher come in. His name was Fernando, he was a different teacher. It was a strange situacion. Where was Adolfo? All the students wondered that. 
Nobody had seen this teacher before. He was pale and very serious. Someone said that they had seen him in an old photo. Also, Fernando, was wearing strange clothes. The students were scared. Fernando stared at them, and student's blood froze.
Suudenly, the lights turned off and the teacher disappeared. All students were terrified and confused. 10 minutes later, Adolfo, the English teacher, entered in class and apologised for being late. Maria, one student, explained to Adolfo all the strange things that had happened. Adolfo, told them that Fernando was dead. He was an old teacher and died one year ago in a car crash.
The next days, the students investigated more about Fernando, and they discovered his tragical death; one day, he was driving back home and suddenly a student crossed the street and Fernando lost the control of his car. He crashed with a tree and he died. His face was completely distroyed. And now, every Halloween he appears at school searching for an innocent student to kill and revenge. 


It happened last week at 3:00 a.m while we were cycling on the mountains. It started to rain so my brother and I went to a house to protect ourselves from the rain. We entered the house and suddenly we heard a noise behind us. At first, we were scared and terrified.

We go up the stairs and we saw a big shadow. It was and old man and he asked "There's anyone here?". Noone answered it but we could see his eyes watching us.When we decided to go outside we could see the old man next to the swiming pool with a chainsan. We react immediately and we decided to push him to the swiming pool and we have done it, next we throw and electric product in the water and it began electrified and died. We could see that the man was a zombie!!. We have been very schoked. We started to ran very fast and then, we saw his wife with a big gun watching us. While my brother was distracting her, I took an axe that was near there and I cut her head, but my brother had been injured with a shoot on his arm, the wife was a zombie too!!. 

Afterwards, beside us we saw all around us lots of zombies. Fortunately we could escape at the right time. We took our bycicles that there were in the entrance of the house and we went down through the mountain. When we arrived home, we were very tired and scaried at the same time. We told to our parents what had happened but they didn't trust us. Next morning we went to the police office and we tell all that happened. They said us that they would revise the house. In the afternoon they phoned us and they said that we were right and there were lots of zombies but they had killed all of them. Now we will stay safety and we won't go to the house for all the live.




It happened lasT weekend at 12:00 a.m. I was in the cementery with my friends on the burial of my dog. When everybody went home, I stayed a little bit longer to remember him. The cementery was very quiet.
Suddenly I heard a noise behind me and I turned back, I saw dead people starting to come out of their tombs.
They followed us around the cementery screaming: “ahhh”.
They caught one of my friends and zombies started to eat his brain and all the parts of his body while we were running out.
Two minutes later, we found some weapons in one in one tomb, we killed all the zombies of the cementery and finally we returned home. There we watched and horror film and we ate a pizza.

Ivan Padilla
Arnau Policarp
Rubén Gutiérrez


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A terror party

It happened one Friday at 1:00 a.m. It was a very cold and rainy night. We were doing an amazing party in the abandoned house at the outskirts of the city. At somewhere, someone started puking. It was strange, but they had been drinking a lot and they found it normal.
Suddenly the music stopped. The DJ had disappeared. People were shocked. They started to look for him. A girl screamed. She found him in the bathroom with a lot of cuts in his face and a pool of blood on the floor. The people of the party were very scared.
Then, suddenly the lights went out, and a storm started. The music started playing again but no one was playing it. They went to see what was happening there and a group of people went to the DJ site to investigate. But they fell down and disappeared.
The rest of people were terrified. They tried to get out of the house, but they couldn't open the door. They were trapped in that terrifying house. No one returned that night. Still now, nobody knows what happened that night with these guys. Some people claim that have heard music when the night comes, but they haven't seen anyone in the house.

Carles Alabert
Enric Artús
Marc Colls
Madiha Douiri


Yesterday Eloi went to buy some candles in the supermarket because there was a blackout. It was raining cats and dogs.

 While he was walking down the street he heart a noise. It came from an abandoned building. That building was where his old friend Benito lived until he died in the dentist five years ago. Eloi thought that the noise was from Benito's cat. Then Eloi came into the house.

When he was searching for the cat, he Heard the noise again. The building was so dark and the wooden floor was very old. He couldn't see anything and he was very scared. Eloi was in haunted house!! It was a dangerous place. If you got in, you couldn't get out.

Eloi was walking along the house when he saw the ghost of Benito's cat. Suddenly he disappeared. His parents were looking for him, but they couldn't find Eloi,  but they found some broken candles ont the floor...

Sara Kichoui
Asmaa Zouhir
Roger Massot
Marcel Martinez

Walking through the hospital

It happened in an old psychiatric hospital at night, when I awoke from a coma. It was cold, although I was inside the hospital. There wasn't any artificial light, there was only the moonlight. There wasn't anyone there. I was feeling like I was the only person in the city. 

I started walking through the hospital and I opened the office door. I looked inside and there wasn't anybody working, so I checked the last reports that were on a table. They explained that there had been a major disease, an epidemic which had killed more than half of the world's population, three months ago.

I got very stressed after reading that, so I started walking through the corridors. When I finally saw a doctor I started to call him. But he suddenly turned to me. He was a zombie with a creepy and bloody face. I started running looking for the exit of the building, but he was chasing me everywhere.

More monsters like that zombie started to chase me too. I was completely terrified. Eventually I saw a powerful light outside the building. It was a light powered by the army, who were looking for more survivors in the area. When I arrived there, with the soldiers, all those zombies and creepy monsters escaped in the darkness. 

Even now in the refugee camp I feel that they are coming again. To kill me.

Joan Regí
Marc Lozano
Omaima Mahboub

Rachida Lamzeiz


This weekend was different. I was alone at home because my parents were on holidays. It was eleven o’clock and I climbed the stairs and I went to my bed. I was bored and I thought reading a book would be a good idea. I had no electricity so I had to use a candle to see the book.

That's the scary window...
It was a scary book. While I was reading in the book that a door was opening, the door of my bedroom started to open slowly. I was quite shocked but I didn’t mind it. Then I read in the book that the main character heard some footsteps in the corridor and I heard the same.

I went to the corridor to see what was happening. There I saw a shadow through the moonlight. I was terrified. I didn’t understand what was happening. I went down the stairs and I felt an air draft. It was an open window and I closed it. When I was going back to the bed, the window was open again.

Suddenly I decided to go back to the bed, and try to sleep a bit, I was so tired. I heard a noise downstairs. I fell asleep, and it was the last time that I could close my eyes…

Jan Atienza
Andreea Balasca
Maria Júdez
Berta Llausàs

1r C Batxillerat

A Normal House

One day in 1965 at 22:00 pm a 16 year-old girl was having a shower in her house. It was raining outside and it was really windy. Suddenly the lights turned off and some windows of the house opened. She got outside of the shower while everything was dark, she found the switch but there wasn't electricity.
She came out of the bathrooms and she started her way to the main switches. She arrived there safely but they were on and there was electricity but nothing could work.
In the darkness she started to hear a strange noise like a whisper, she couldn't understand anything. Then, the lights turned on for a second and she could see a little girl wearing a pyjama, with a teddy bear. On the other hand she had a huge knife covered with blood. She was accompanied by a man with a sac on his head.
Then the lights turned off, they said hello and the lights turned on again. They were in front of her and they said, whispering, "bye," and the 16 year old girl died.
Now, this house is a normal house near the center at Palafrugell. However, yesterday I passed in front of it and the lights were going on and off.

Mar Moncosí, Kevin Pila, Àlex Rocas, Dani Plata
1r Batx. A

Monday, October 28, 2013


Yesterday at nine o'clock there was an earthquake in Palafrugell. This was horrible because twenty persons died, four houses fell down, six persons were injured and one dog was smashed by a wall. Also there were two transit accident.

This is a disaster but not for the students because they didn't go to school.

Mayor's Conference:

Dear inhabitants of Palafrugell I want to communicate to you that I'm very sad for the horrible earthquake that happened yesterday. I know that you are very affected by all the accidents. I want to say to you that I'm going to help all the people. First, today I will open the sports hall and put tents for all the people are without house. They can sleep and eat there free.

The people that were injured are also going to have the medicines free and don't worry for the schools that are close, because on Monday they will open.

I hope that with this little help you can return to normality.

Your lovely Mayor

Soumaya Akchich
Hanane El yazidi
Hicham El Hamdouni

Where the Hell am I?

This place is located on the South America, in the country of Brazil. This place is divided in zone north and zone south by the Carioca saw. This place has a climate subtropical and tropical, with temperature of 29º average all the year, with scarce rains. In 2016 here will be held the next Olympic Games.

In this place you can visit museums, palaces, the church of Nuestra Señora de Candelaria,…  There are a lot of beautiful beaches like Copacabana or Ipanema. In this place there is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Each year, forty days before Easter is celebrated a very big carnival, this is the best moment to visit this place. Famous parades of schools of samba, groups of music and dances for all the tastes and a joy that infects to all the city.
In this place can eat feijoada accompanied always by the caipirinha, churrasco,...

Someday I would like to visit this place because I think that is very interesting and beautiful. 



After the earthquake of 5.6 degrees on the Richter scale happened yesterday 21st of October on Palafrugell, the mayor Juli Fernández has convened a press conference to explain the mesures that the city hall will take to solve the consequences of the earthquake.
 The mayor's speech:
"First of all, we must present our condolences to the families of the victims, and we have decreed 3 days of mourning. To normalize the situation on the city, emergency crews are working on the streets to remove the ruins of the fallen buildings, and searching for trapped people. The matherial damages of the earthquake are not many important so the city hall has aproved a budget to rebuild the fallen buildings and compensate the families. To prevent the possible damages that the city could receive, the department of town planning has aproved a new law that forces to the construction companies to reinforce the structures of the future buildings. This earthquake has been a disaster that we couldn't have avoid, but we could prevent the futures earthquakes."

 Dani Plata, Kevin Pila, Ivan Padilla. 1r Batx. A

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Verbs Followed by Gerunds and Infinitives

Some verbs are always or usually followed by a gerund
  • I recommend getting professional help.
 Others are followed by an infinitive
  • He hopes to pass English this term. 
Some verbs can be followed by both.
  • It started to rain.
  • It started raining.
Careful! Some verbs have different meanings depending 
on what form follows them.
  •  I stopped to call my girlfriend.
  • I stopped calling my girlfriend.
Here's an excellent page from on which verbs are followed by gerund (singing) or infinitive (to sing). Read the page: 

Verbs Followed by Gerunds and Infinitives

Now do the quiz.  If you need more practice or have questions, leave a comment in this post.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

We've all been there

Based on a short story called "What goes around comes around" this short film reminds us that we should always do the right thing. It always pays, in the end.

Enjoy the film and share your comments. 

Tsunami in Palafrugell

Last night there was a tsunami near Calella. The water arrived to Palafrugell and now it's still flooded. A lot of people lost their houses. and The shops and schools were complety destroyed. Also more of a hundred people disappeared and others are dead or in serious conditions. This morning the police found two corpses under the remains, one of them was dead and the other wasn't dead but was in a poor condition. The authorities believe and hope that this flood will be there for one week more or less. But today the Mayor of Palafrugell give a conference and that’s what he said:

“Last night, our village had a bad luck and now, Palafrugell is in really bad conditions because of the tsunami but all has solutions, for this reason we are working really hard to found the people who have disappeared with our 30 helicopters, we believe that we can find them with all of our team, also with our 30 helicopters we are going to rescue the people who are in a bad conditions and give them a special treatment so please don’t worry and let everything in our hands, we will let everything how it was before the tsunami, please be patient . For the houses, schools, shops..that were destroyed for the tsunami,  the generous Mayor of Girona will help us to reconstruct Palafrugell, this can take a long time, but with our efforts we can reconstruct our village.”

Soukayna Douiri
Mireia Deulofeu
Jordi Benítez