Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Saving Grace

Saving Grace tells the story of 10-year old orphan Grace, who lives in poverty in Malawi. Grace has to forage and beg for food for her and her siblings, and as a result, can’t go to school.

Use this video to think about the inequalities in the world.

Send your thoughts in the question of wealth distribution in the world.

1. What are the causes of poverty?
2. What are the consequences of poverty?
3. How can poverty be solved?
4. Why are people in the developed so rich while others are so poor?

All your comments will be considered for your mark.


  1. Poverty has got so many causes: On the one hand, some countries are very poor because they haven't got enough water. So if they haven't got water, they can't cultivate cereales, vegetables, fruits... On the other hand, we can see some countries that they spend a lot of money buying weapons because they are in war so they haven't got money for food or education.
    Poverty has got a lot of bad consequences for people, specially for children. If they don't have food they dead when they are babies. If they grow up they will have so many problems, for example: probably they won't go to school because they will must work and they will be illiterate.
    The poverty is a global problem that affects milions of people all around the wold, but poverty can be solved with a better wealth distribution and spending money in education, public health,...
    People in the developed countries are rich because they have got a lot of oportunities: they have got food, they can go to school, the health sistem is good,.. so they can live a good life.
    Whereas poor people don't have the same oportunities , so they live in poverty.

    Sara Kichouhi (1 batx A)

  2. I really liked this video because it encourages people to do a good thing but I dislike the other one that we watched at school because I think that they used loads of videos of little children to obtain the same aim.
    Poverty has got many causes but I think that the most important are those ones:
    1. Poor places sometimes have got petrol but they can’t get the full benefit from it because other wealthy countries or companies buy them for a ridiculous price.
    2. Many poor places are in wars as Sarah said and they can’t spend money on food because they have to buy guns, bombs, …
    3. Some poor places hadn’t developed and now they don’t good technologies, hospitals, …
    I think that there are more consequences than causes of poverty.
    Poverty obligates children to work instead of go to school. Poverty is the main cause that finished with loads of lives in the poorest places because it bars them of buying food to have a healthy life.
    Poverty can only be solved with the help of all the people of the world.
    Finally, I have never understood why there are places so poor and undeveloped and why there are places so rich. I think that or poor places had done something bad in the past or we have done it in the past.

    Rubén Gutiérrez López 1A

  3. I agree with Rubén 100%; the second video overuses images of poor little black children in a way that is almost obscene, and exploitation of their image. I think it must be possible to encourage people to do the right thing without resorting to such a cheap trick. The first video is a good example.

    I think both Sara and Rubén identify some of the causes of poverty and inequality. Sara is right when she says that people in developing countries do not have the same opportunities as we do here, in developed countries. I think this is not right and more should be done to bridge this gap.

  4. Rita me neither! But I have read Adolfo, Rubén and Sara comments and I can imagine a little bit the plot of it.

    In my opinion, the roots of the poverty reside in our organization style. For many years we have created fiscal, economical and social systems that always have benefited rich people. For example the feudal system in the Medieval Times or the capitalism today. This has produced a terrible distance between the high and the low classes of the world.

    Nowadays, we attribute the guilt of the poverty to the politics and the people who rule the countries. But if we really want to do something for these persons who are suffering poor conditions to live, all of us have to make one small step and provide a grain of sand.
    This is the unique solution, trying to help in anything that comes to our mind. Like sending clothes to the 3rth world or donating money to an ONG.

    Together we can fight against the poverty!

    Marc Collado, 1r B Batxillerat

  5. In my opinion, the poverty always has been one of the most important problems of the humanity. The poverty never comes alone, behind it exists the hunger, the misery, the desperation, the war… In fact, all the societies around the world have heard about it. Philosophers, poets and a long list of people have written and said a lot about it. However as I see it, the humanity hasn’t done enough to finish with it, or in other words, there is a lot of theory about the subject but not much practice to end or improve in it.

    It seems to me that the poverty is caused by a lot of reasons but
    basically there are two causes:

    On the one hand as Marc has said, there is the unfair politic and economic system. As a rule, the rich countries extract big benefits from the poor countries that after aren’t well distributed. Nowadays we have the excuse of the capitalism and before we had the colonialism or the feudalism. The truth is that in the last years with the hard economic and financial crisis, there are some rich countries like Spain that have problems with the education and alimentation of their own habitants. I know and I’ve seen Spanish children on the TV who can’t pay the books or the school material. With this I mean that the poverty doesn’t exist only in poor countries.

    On the other hand we found the lack of interest of the society. Well, it’s true that there are ONG such as Uniceff or solidarity people that try to help the persons who have less than us. Also we can found the government politics created in order to help in the development of the poor countries. But while I’m writing this commentary I’m eating some cookies and I ask me, ¿ could we do more to improve our world? The answer is yes. We can help the poor people just making little efforts: We can give our old school material, clothes or games to ONG. We can also work and collaborate with our governments searching solutions. We can ask them to creation new laws which favour all the society: rich and poor.

    In conclusion, I would like to say that the poverty is a problem of all the society. We have to try to stop it, since the poverty is like a disease that every day ends with the millions person’s life and hopes.

  6. Great comment, Soumaya.

    Soumaya asks if we could do more to improve our world. Following up on her question, I ask you: What can be done? What can we do?

    Consider this sentence, "Think globally, act locally". What does it mean?

    I'm looking forward to hearing about your ideas.


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