Saturday, October 17, 2015

Hello and Goodbye

After a year and a half since the last entry a goodbye post was, in my opinion, necessary.

This blog was created by our English teacher Adolfo Carbón, helped by Marta Vilà, in September 2013 to help us improve our level of English while we were in 1st of Batxillerat. In my opinion, this blog was a great tool for learning. We had a great time writing and working in different projects for this blog. But eventually it became an abandoned website which only had memories from our past.

Today, by chance, I found this blog in my bookmarks and I started reading and watching old videos. So I thought that I could write the last post of the blog (maybe not the last, time and Adolfo will decide).

Most of the students that wrote on this blog successfully graduated from high school in June 2015 and are now studying in college or in a CFGS, and others are still working hard in 2nd of Batxillerat.
I'm now living in Girona and studying at ERAM, but I can't forget the time we spent together in Palafrugell, in the INS Frederic Martí. Thank you for everything.

 I don't know if someone will read this post, but if you do so, please replay and explain how are you and what are you doing.

Greetings from Palafrugell,

Joan Regí

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  1. Dear Joan,

    I've also found your post almost by chance as I don't visit this blog very often any more. As you say, we stopped using the blog when I left my teaching job at IES Frederic Martí Carreras. It was a tough decision for me as you all were an exceptiional group of young people and it was a pleasure and a priviledge to teach you. Honestly. You were great, and anybody that doubts it or thinks I'm exagerating needs only to have a look at your entries and comments to see what I mean.

    You ask us to say where we are and what we're doing. I'm still in Dublin, where I'm the Education Advisor at the Embassy of Spain. It's an interesting job and I enjoy doing it. I hope each and every one of you is doing something fulfilling and that you enjoy.

    I think about Palafrugell often and I remember so many good moments. I hope you learned something during my classes but, above all, I hope you were able to perceive that I was genuenely interested in you and that I had great respect for you as persons. I've been teaching long enough to know that in a few years you'll be doing great things and I'll be proud to say "I was his/her teacher, some years ago".

    To all of you, thanks for a great year. Have a wonderful life.


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